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Sarah and Phillip, where to start with these amazing people? Sarah and I met as teenagers when we both attended Young Historian conferences and debated against each other. We became fast friends, but circumstance never allowed us to become the proper friends I imagine we could have been. Fast forward some ten (odd) years and Sarah has become the most ridiculously successful writer who has already published 2(!) books. Needless to say, I was utterly delighted when she asked us to shoot her wedding in Hogsback. From the moment we picked up their “Wedding survival guide” which dripped with humour and sharp witted descriptions we knew we were in for a beautiful and imaginative treat. Without a bridal party, they were accompanied by their wedding bears – two of their dearest friends, and they spent the morning of their wedding hanging out together, smoking cigars and playing the ukelele. Sarah is also the first bride we have ever had who sang to her groom, which turned into their entire wedding singing “Jolene”. Amazing. They got married atop the Labyrinth  at The Edge, a venue in the heart of Hogsback, a perfect spot for someone who wrote (one of) her dissertations about Tolkien. Their wedding priorities were good red wine, amazing food, great music, and the company of their closest friends and family – a winning formula for an epic day if ever there was one. If I’m not careful I will end up gushing too much about the amazingness of their wedding, instead I’ll let their pictures speak for themselves

(Sarah and Phillip, as two exceptional writers, please don’t judge my intro to your wedding which is no doubt plagued by horrifiic grammar and typos ;) )

Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-001 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-002 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-003 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-004 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-005 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-006 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-007 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-008 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-009 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-010 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-011 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-012 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-013 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-014 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-016 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-017 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-018 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-019 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-020 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-021 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-022 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-023 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-024 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-025 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-026 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-027 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-028 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-029 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-030 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-031 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-032 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-033 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-035 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-036 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-037 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-038 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-039 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-040 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-041 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-042 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-043 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-044 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-045 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-046 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-047 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-048 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-049 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-050 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-051 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-052 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-053 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-055 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-056 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-057 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-058 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-059 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-060 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-061 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-062 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-063 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-065 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-066 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-070 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-073 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-075 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-076 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-077 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-078 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-079 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-080 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-081 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-082 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-083 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-084 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-085 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-086 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-088 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-089 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-090 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-091 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-092 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-093 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-094 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-095 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-097 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-098 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-101Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-100 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-102 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-103 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-104 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-105 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-106 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-108 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-109 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-110 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-111 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-112 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-113 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-114 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-115 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-116 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-117 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-118 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-119 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-120 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-122 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-123

Because obviously when you are in a magical forest you need to have a sword fight…

Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-125 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-126 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-127 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-128 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-129 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-130 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-131 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-132 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-133 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-134 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-135 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-136 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-138 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-139 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-140 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-141 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-142 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-143 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-144 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-145 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-146 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-147 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-148 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-149 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-151 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-152 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-153 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-154 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-155 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-156 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-157 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-159 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-160 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-161 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-162 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-163 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-164 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-165 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-168 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-169 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-170 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-171 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-172 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-173 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-174 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-175 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-176 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-179 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-180 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-181 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-182 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-183 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-184 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-185 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-186 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-187 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-188 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-189 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-190 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-191 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-192 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-193 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-194 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-195 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-196 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-198 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-199 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-200 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-201 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-202 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-203 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-204 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-205 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-206 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-207 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-208 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-209 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-210 Sarah-Philip_TheEdge-Hogsback-211

3 thoughts on “Sarah and Phillip”

  1. Mike Di Woodford says:

    An eclectic mix of memories of a memorable day. Congratulations & well done all concerned! Thanks for sharing and our Best Wishes to the obviously, Happy Couple.
    MikeDi Woodford.

  2. Helen Donald says:

    Stunning photos! What a beautiful wedding and Sarah looked absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Busi Mbokazi says:

    Such an incredible honour to have been able to share in this special day! A year later and these pictures still show the absolute joy and love which celebrated on this day!!! ❤❤❤

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