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Sarah and Mark

Sarah had always wanted to learn to surf, so she decided to leave her cold Canadian home and travel to Australia to explore a bit and hit some waves. At the same time, Mark was also in Australia (from South Africa) and they found themselves staying at the same backpackers, well, Mark was living in his car outside the backpackers, but that’s kinda the same thing… As they were both on holiday, neither of them were exactly looking for love, but after a couple of weeks of hanging out, and then exploring the Oz coastline together, they returned to their respective homelands and realized that they had both left a piece of themselves in Australia. After  trying out the long distance thing for a bit, Sarah took the plunge and moved to South Africa to give it a shot with this “siff” Mark guy. Many years have passed since then and they have explored the world  and continue living adventurously together. When we met up with them for a coffee  to get to know them, we chatted for about an hour before the Wedding word even came up, an indication of how awesome these guys are and how incredible it is to meet such brilliant people you just click with. Sarah and Mark’s wedding was a beautiful product of their adventurous spirits, with guests flying in from all over the world to share their incredible union at the Orchid House. We had an incredible time sharing their day with them, when Sarah walked down the aisle to Foo Fighters Everlong (Andy’s favourite song to air drum to) accompanied by both her parents, the intense emotion was tangible! Sarah and Mark, wishing you guys so many more incredible adventures! And see you guys next year in Canada! This post is a long one, but we simply couldnt tell the story of their day in any fewer pictures x

Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-8Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-9Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-2 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-3 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-4 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-5 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-6 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-7Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-10 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-11 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-12 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-13 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-14 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-16Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-18Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-15Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-17Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-19 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-20 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-21 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-22 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-23 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-24 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-25Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-28 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-29Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-26 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-27Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-30 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-31 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-32 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-33 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-35 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-36 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-37 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-38 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-39 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-40 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-43Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-41 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-42Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-44Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-47 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-45Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-48 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-49 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-51 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-52 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-53 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-54 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-55 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-56 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-57 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-58 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-59 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-60 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-62 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-63Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-65 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-66 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-64Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-67 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-68 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-69 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-70 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-72 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-73 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-74 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-75 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-76 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-77 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-78 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-79 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-80 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-81 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-82 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-83 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-84 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-85 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-86 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-87Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-89 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-90 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-91 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-92 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-88 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-95 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-96 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-97 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-98 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-99 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-100 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-101 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-102 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-103 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-104 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-105 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-106

Oh my goodness, this bridal party has to be one of the craziest and awesome that we have hung out with for a long time!

Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-107 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-108 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-109 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-110 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-111 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-112 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-113 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-114

Sarah and Mark have a such a beautiful love, but also such a goofy one, which was just too awesome to witness!

Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-116Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-117 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-118 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-119 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-121 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-122 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-123 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-124 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-126 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-127 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-128 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-129 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-130 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-131 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-132 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-133 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-135 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-137Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-136  Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-138 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-139 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-141 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-142 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-143 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-145 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-146 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-147 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-148 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-149 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-150 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-151 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-152 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-153 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-154 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-155 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-156 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-157 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-158 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-159 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-160 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-161 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-162 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-163 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-164 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-165 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-166 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-167 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-168 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-169 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-171Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-170  Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-172 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-173 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-174 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-177 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-178 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-179 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-180 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-181 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-182 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-183 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-184 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-186 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-187 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-188 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-189 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-191  Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-193Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-192  Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-194 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-195 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-196 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-197 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-198 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-199 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-200 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-201 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-202 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-203 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-204 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-205 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-206 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-207 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-208 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-210 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-212 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-213 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-214 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-215 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-216 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-217 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-218 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-219 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-220 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-221 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-222 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-223 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-225 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-226 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-227 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-228 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-230 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-231 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-232 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-233 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-234 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-235 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-236 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-237 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-238 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-239 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-240 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-241 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-242 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-243 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-244 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-245 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-246 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-247 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-248 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-249 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-250 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-251

The last air guitar groom I’ve seen was Andy at our own wedding, so you know these guys were special!

Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-252 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-253 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-254 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-255 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-256 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-257 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-258 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-259 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-260 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-261 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-262 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-263 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-264  Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-266 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-267 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-268 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-269 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-270 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-271 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-272 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-273 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-274 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-275 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-276 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-277 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-278 Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-279Sarah_Mark_OrchidHouse-265

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  1. Glenda Theunissen says:

    Absolutely outstanding pics! I’ve known Mark and his family since he was a tiny baby! Lovely to see the wedding in full swing!

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  • Can you tell it was bucketing down for a good chunk of their day? No you can’t cuz they are just so damn happy to be married 🙌🏽 (I have just realized Sarah’s sister is pouring a bucket of petals on them so that whole bucketing thing now has two meanings 🤘🏼)
  • This right here is the reason we absolutely love a first look 😍
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