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The Greek islands in Summer are face meltingly hot, and often full of people. While Paros is less touristy than other islands, it is still insanely hot so we got Sabine and Marek out of bed at 4.30am to head down to the picturesque fishing village of Naousa to explore and get some pre-wedding pics of them. While Andy and I were still trying to get our brains to function that early in the morning, Sabine and Marek were already full of the most beautiful and powerful energy, which in turn caused lots of us grinning behind our cameras as their beautiful chemistry and love rubbed off on us. As the sun got higher, and the weather hotter (at about 7am), we headed to another picturesque Greek beach, Kolymbithres, where we got to swim and get some more shots of these two and their big love for each other.

2 thoughts on “Sabine and Marek Portrait Session”

  1. Horst Handtke says:

    Were the whole realm of nature mine,/
    That were a present far too small; /
    Love so amazing, so divine /
    Demands my soul, my life, my all

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  • A blazing hot day, a small Catholic church with a priest making lots of naughty jokes, an insanely picturesque sunset and a dance party till the the early (late?) hours of the morning. Sabine and Marek's Paros Wedding is now up on our blog :)
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  • We ended up shooting at sunset yesterday as our shoot was delayed twice, once by 3 rhinos hanging out at our first location, and secondly by a frisky bull elephant at our second location. But we still got some magic golden light, so I guess it's okay ☺️ #onlyinafrica
  • Jen and Darren.
  • Sabine,Marek and their priest who at this stage of the ceremony was telling lots of rude jokes in Greek.
  • Sometimes you have to get all up in people's faces to capture those tender little moments.
  • One from yesterday with Kirsty and James.

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  • Room with a view @stayokayutrecht . Epic start to our month long Euro trip 😊
  • Sossusvlei, Namibia. It's so dry your sweat crystallises as it leaves your pores. It is a desert after all. What a beautifully surreal and relentlessly harsh landscape.
  • Exploring the world's smallest desert. The red dunes only span about 200m and are surrounded by lush vegetation and wetlands.
  • Those gigantic eyes 😍
  • Meeting "Ducky" the African wood owl had to be the highlight of our short Botswana adventure.

She was found on the forest floor on one of the small islands in the Okavango Delta. Tiny, vulnerable and featherlessly pink. The guys at @gumacamp took her home to nurture her back to health and, when she was ready, release her back into the wild. But despite all efforts to rehabilitate her back into the forest, she kept coming home to the lodge.

Ducky is now a healthy five year old who loves catching moths and mice. She also enjoys head strokes and chin scratches, but watch out for those talons...😬 Why the name "Ducky" for an owl? Summer gets relentlessly hot in the Delta, so Ducky cools off by swimming in the pond or sitting under the overflow pipe for the rainwater tanks. 
Bless her feathery little heart!❀
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  • One last sunset booz crooz on the Delta.
  • Papyrus for days. Just think of all the scrolls the ancient Egyptians could have made.
  • Another sexy Botswana sunset over the Delta
  • Exploring the Okavango Delta on a mokoro. We heard hippo grunting nearby and got the helloutofthere 😳
  • The great thing about a mokoro boat ride is that it's slow and silent, so you can get up close and discover the insane beauty in the details.
  • Trying to stop the African sun from aggressively burning my pastey skin. 
Our @seatosummitgear Drylite travel towels are more than just drying towels. We use them as blankets, yoga mats and, in this case, for shade.

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