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Megan and Craig

Megan and Craig have an adventurous spirit that made us feel so at ease with them straight away. After only a few months of dating, these two headed off on a backpacking trip around Cambodia and Laos. Now if anything is going to make you know if you can spend the rest of your life with a person, its travelling with them! The fact that they got through this epic adventure AND still stayed together definitely means they were meant for each other! Megan and Craig had a beautifully sentimental wedding at the always stunning Netherwood. Their ceremony had a beautiful and unique touch of getting their guests, as part of their ceremony to share their advice and experiences of marriage. Now we see a lot of ceremonies, (duh!), but this was such a beautiful idea and was so heartfelt, it really did bring the most incredible uniqueness to the whole experience. Megan and Craig, you guys have such a beauty and warmth with each other, just thinking about your love puts a big grin on our faces. Enjoy the next epic adventure that is marriage! It really is the best!

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Megan-Craig_Netherwood-045 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-046 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-047 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-048 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-049 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-050 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-052 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-053 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-054 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-055 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-056 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-057 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-058 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-060 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-061 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-062 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-063 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-064 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-065 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-066 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-067 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-068 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-069 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-070 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-071 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-072 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-074 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-075 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-076 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-077 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-079 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-081 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-082 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-083 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-084 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-085 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-086 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Megan-Craig_Netherwood-127 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-128 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-129 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-130 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-131 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-132 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-133 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-134 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-135 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-136 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-138 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-139 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-140 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-141 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-142 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-143 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-144 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-145 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-146 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-147 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-148 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-149 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-150 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-152 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-153 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-154 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-155 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-156 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-157 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-158 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-159 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-160 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-161 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-162 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-163 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-164 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-165 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-166 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-167 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-168 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-169 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-170 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-171 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-172 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-173 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-174 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-175 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-176 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-177 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-178 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-179 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-180 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-181 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-182 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-183 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-184 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-185 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-186 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-187 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-188 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-189 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-191 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-193 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-194 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-196 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-197 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-198 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-199 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-200 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-201 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-202 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-203 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-204 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-205 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-206 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-207 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-208 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-209 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-210 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-211 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-212 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-213 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-214 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-215 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-217 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-218 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-219 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-220 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-221 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-222 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-223 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-224 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-225 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-226 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-228 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-229 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-231 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-232 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-233 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-234 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-235 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-236 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-237 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-238 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-239 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-240 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-241 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-242 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-243 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-244 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-245 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-246 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-247 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-248 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-249 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-250 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-251 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-252 Megan-Craig_Netherwood-253

4 thoughts on “Megan and Craig”

  1. Megan says:


  2. Derryn Schmidt says:

    STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING! I fall more and more in love with your work with every wedding I see.

  3. Tracey says:

    Such beautiful moments forever captured to treaure

  4. Graeme and Heather Stewart says:

    You have captured this beautiful wedding in such an incredible way We relive it ever time we see these pictures You are incredibly professional we will cherish these photos forever and will be reminded of all the little and special moments Thank you so much

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  • Can you tell it was bucketing down for a good chunk of their day? No you can’t cuz they are just so damn happy to be married 🙌🏽 (I have just realized Sarah’s sister is pouring a bucket of petals on them so that whole bucketing thing now has two meanings 🤘🏼)
  • This right here is the reason we absolutely love a first look 😍
  • These two honestly share the kind of love everyone strives to have. What an absolute honour to document and witness.
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  • Yesterday on our run I came across a wet, dirty little bunny. I thought there would be no way I would be able to catch him, but he hopped up to me and I scooped him up and carried him home. He seems to be settling in okay, now just to see if our two grumpy old man buns will accept a newbie, otherwise we are going to have to find this little charmer a home. (There is more bunny than is visible here...)
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  • We’re a hazard when we’re walking the streets cus we’re always looking up and bumping into people. Obsessed with the beautiful Dutch architecture!
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  • Yesterday it was sunny, but the overcast sky and light drizzle suit this place way more. #wechooseadventure_scotland #wechooseadventure
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