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Kerryn and Jeff II

A week after we were blown away by the peace and serenity of Kerryn and Jeff’s bush wedding, we flew up to Joburg for their urban city wedding. Their wedding part deux took place at Arts on Main in the centre of Johanneburg city. The day was a beautiful warm spring one and when we went across to see everyone at the venue they had transformed the outdoor courtyard into another wonderland. They had put up beautiful bunting made of fabric from all their travels and strung fairy lights across an open to the sky dancefloor. Kerryn and Jeff couldnt have chosen more of a contrast to their first wedding and when we chatted to them they were nervous that the weather wouldnt hold. Being a really beautiful warm day we thought they were worrying for nothing, that is, until the heavens opened and a massive Johannesburg storm rolled in and didnt go away for the rest of the night.

The reception was moved indoors (which coincidentally worked amazingly and created a beautiful contrast from wedding one) and while our entire plans for the couple shoot went up in a cloud of, rain, it ended up being perhaps the most memorable couple shoot we have ever done. While trying to shoot them under and overpass, we were approached by a couple of guys with a guitar and they asked us if they could sing the newly weds a song to wish them all the best for their married life. Witnessing Kerryn and Jeff having an early first dance while being serenaded by an urban city music group was quite a surreal moment we couldnt have set up better if we had tried! Another opportunity the shocking weather brought, was a grand entrance to the reception in Andy the Landy who ended up being present for the entire evening. As the evening began to unfold we were told of a double rainbow that had appeared in the sky and Kerryn and Jeff amazingly humoured our crazy wishes and traipsed out into the rain to have a picture with this natural spectacle. I guess this was natures way of apologising for messing up their original plans :) Kerryn and Jeff’s friends are as amazing as their families and we spent a really fun evening with them celebrating their union while our pictures from their Kruger wedding played in the background.  It feels lame saying thank you for letting us share your big days with you as it feels like so much more than that! So to our couple doppelganger, keep on adventuring and being awesome!

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  • Goosebumps and loving caresses.
  • We’ve never been big fans of set up photos where a couple stands for ages while some off camera flash is set up to get some backlight... we like to keep things more natural and moving. But this happened at the end of Kate and Brett’s couple shoot as I was driving our car up to take them back to their reception. Our car lights illuminated Kate and the slowly dripping rain, and Andy made some magic with it.
  • People always say rain on your wedding day is good luck... but bucketing rain and then a break, to grab some pics? Even more lucky 🙌🏽
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  • Rain yesterday? What rain?! Kate and Brett were fire 🔥

So amazing working with the talented babes from @Nixon makeup. @james_peters_film at one of our faves @crystalbarncountryestate with Kate in a stunning @chanellecindy_bridal dress (SO many more pics of the dress to come 😍)
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  • Weddings bring out all the powerful emotions. Of those we love, and of those we miss.
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  • When your love leaks out your faces, it looks something like this! Wedding stoke is a real, and beautiful thing 😍

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  • People watching from the shade.
  • Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town, Zanzibar. This place reminds us so much of the old part of Jeddah with the African/Arab cross culture and architecture.
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  • Excellent vibe on what’s left of the beach at high tide.
  • Ocean and people watching from a shadey spot. The guy on the right, dressed in tradition Masai garb, is David. We had along chat about tattoos before he sold me a bracelet.
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