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Jess and Duncan

Apologies in advance, there will be a lot of words, and even more pictures… Jess first contacted me about us shooting their wedding while they were on and overland trip around Africa. I would be lying if I said that sentence right there didn’t make me fall in love with these two just a little bit before we had even met! Jess and Duncan’s wedding was to be held on her dad’s farm in the Waterberg in Limpopo.  They had found a beautiful spot in a tree clearing that had spectacular sunset views that they would be ferrying their guests in old Land Rovers and tractors to for their ceremony. When we met with them the day before their wedding to see the spot and chat business, we were treated to truly one of the most exquisite sunsets we had ever seen anywhere in the world and understood exactly why they had chosen this spot. After a drink with them and their family we felt right at home sharing a part in their special day. After spending the morning watching a wedding materialize in an old barn and exploring Jess’ dad’s war and weapon museum, I headed out to hang out with the girls. Walking into the cosy little room they were all getting ready in, I immediately felt at home with this funny and awesome group of women. It was as I was settling in to my morning with the girls that an insane cold front and storm moved in and absolutely saturated the farm, dashing any hopes of the ceremony being in the beautiful tree clearing. But as all the plans began falling apart, something truly beautiful and magical happened, her dad an ex military man ensured a new and equally wonderful wedding would happen and an incredible energy and sense of “being in it together” took hold of the farm and the most incredible wedding took place. Literally as Jess and her dad were driving down to the ceremony which was to be in the reception, Duncan decided to move it outside as the rain had just stopped. People emerged from their rain shelters and made a semi circle around Jess and Duncan, Jess’ 30 year old horse, Cloudy, was in the background, and right there they made their vows. From then on, their day was just beautiful, unique and perfect, from the near nude groomsmen, to the dramatic and cold sky during the couple shoot, honestly the BEST groomsmen and groom’s speech (and song) we have ever heard, and the best “Impi” dancing. Jess and Duncan, you guys, your friends and your family are wonderful. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful wedding x

Jess-Duncan-1 Jess-Duncan-2 Jess-Duncan-3 Jess-Duncan-4 Jess-Duncan-5 Jess-Duncan-6 Jess-Duncan-7 Jess-Duncan-8 Jess-Duncan-9 Jess-Duncan-10 Jess-Duncan-11 Jess-Duncan-12 Jess-Duncan-13 Jess-Duncan-14 Jess-Duncan-15 Jess-Duncan-16 Jess-Duncan-17 Jess-Duncan-18 Jess-Duncan-19 Jess-Duncan-20 Jess-Duncan-21 Jess-Duncan-22 Jess-Duncan-23 Jess-Duncan-24 Jess-Duncan-25 Jess-Duncan-26 Jess-Duncan-27 Jess-Duncan-28 Jess-Duncan-29 Jess-Duncan-30 Jess-Duncan-31 Jess-Duncan-32 Jess-Duncan-33 Jess-Duncan-34 Jess-Duncan-35 Jess-Duncan-36

The roads were a bit muddy the day of the wedding, but nowhere near as muddy as they were going to get later…

Jess-Duncan-37 Jess-Duncan-38 Jess-Duncan-44 Jess-Duncan-45 Jess-Duncan-46 Jess-Duncan-47 Jess-Duncan-48 Jess-Duncan-49 Jess-Duncan-50 Jess-Duncan-51 Jess-Duncan-52 Jess-Duncan-53Jess-Duncan-70Jess-Duncan-67 Jess-Duncan-54 Jess-Duncan-56 Jess-Duncan-57 Jess-Duncan-58 Jess-Duncan-59 Jess-Duncan-60 Jess-Duncan-61 Jess-Duncan-62 Jess-Duncan-63 Jess-Duncan-64 Jess-Duncan-65 Jess-Duncan-66  Jess-Duncan-68 Jess-Duncan-69  Jess-Duncan-71 Jess-Duncan-74Jess-Duncan-72 Jess-Duncan-73  Jess-Duncan-75 Jess-Duncan-76 Jess-Duncan-77 Jess-Duncan-78 Jess-Duncan-79

And so the rain began!

Jess-Duncan-80 Jess-Duncan-81 Jess-Duncan-82 Jess-Duncan-83 Jess-Duncan-84 Jess-Duncan-85 Jess-Duncan-87Jess-Duncan-89

Jess’ amazing dad stepped in and took control of  everything amazingly!

Jess-Duncan-95Jess-Duncan-86  Jess-Duncan-88  Jess-Duncan-90 Jess-Duncan-91 Jess-Duncan-92 Jess-Duncan-93 Jess-Duncan-94  Jess-Duncan-96 Jess-Duncan-97 Jess-Duncan-98 Jess-Duncan-99 Jess-Duncan-100 Jess-Duncan-101 Jess-Duncan-102 Jess-Duncan-103 Jess-Duncan-104 Jess-Duncan-105 Jess-Duncan-106  Jess-Duncan-108 Jess-Duncan-111 Jess-Duncan-112 Jess-Duncan-113 Jess-Duncan-114 Jess-Duncan-115 Jess-Duncan-116 Jess-Duncan-117   Jess-Duncan-126 Jess-Duncan-127 Jess-Duncan-128 Jess-Duncan-129 Jess-Duncan-124Jess-Duncan-130 Jess-Duncan-131 Jess-Duncan-132 Jess-Duncan-133 Jess-Duncan-134 Jess-Duncan-135 Jess-Duncan-136 Jess-Duncan-137 Jess-Duncan-138 Jess-Duncan-139 Jess-Duncan-140 Jess-Duncan-141  Jess-Duncan-143 Jess-Duncan-144 Jess-Duncan-145 Jess-Duncan-146 Jess-Duncan-142Jess-Duncan-147 Jess-Duncan-148 Jess-Duncan-149 Jess-Duncan-150   Jess-Duncan-153 Jess-Duncan-154Jess-Duncan-151 Jess-Duncan-152Jess-Duncan-155 Jess-Duncan-156 Jess-Duncan-157 Jess-Duncan-158 Jess-Duncan-159 Jess-Duncan-160 Jess-Duncan-161 Jess-Duncan-162 Jess-Duncan-163 Jess-Duncan-164 Jess-Duncan-165 Jess-Duncan-166 Jess-Duncan-167 Jess-Duncan-168 Jess-Duncan-169 Jess-Duncan-170 Jess-Duncan-171 Jess-Duncan-172 Jess-Duncan-173 Jess-Duncan-174 Jess-Duncan-175 Jess-Duncan-176 Jess-Duncan-177 Jess-Duncan-178 Jess-Duncan-179 Jess-Duncan-180 Jess-Duncan-181 Jess-Duncan-182 Jess-Duncan-183 Jess-Duncan-184 Jess-Duncan-185 Jess-Duncan-186 Jess-Duncan-187 Jess-Duncan-188 Jess-Duncan-189 Jess-Duncan-190 Jess-Duncan-191 Jess-Duncan-192 Jess-Duncan-193 Jess-Duncan-194 Jess-Duncan-195 Jess-Duncan-196 Jess-Duncan-197

And then the guys lost their pants! Such a hilarious group of people!

Jess-Duncan-198 Jess-Duncan-199 Jess-Duncan-200 Jess-Duncan-201 Jess-Duncan-202 Jess-Duncan-203 Jess-Duncan-204 Jess-Duncan-205 Jess-Duncan-206 Jess-Duncan-207 Jess-Duncan-208

But the wetness didnt stop there! As we took off in the old Series II Landy, the canopy spilled all over Duncan forcing him to drive “side saddle”. Honestly we did not stop laughing with these guys who just took all of this in their stride.

Jess-Duncan-209 Jess-Duncan-210 Jess-Duncan-211 Jess-Duncan-212 Jess-Duncan-213 Jess-Duncan-214 Jess-Duncan-215 Jess-Duncan-216 Jess-Duncan-217 Jess-Duncan-218 Jess-Duncan-219 Jess-Duncan-220 Jess-Duncan-221 Jess-Duncan-222 Jess-Duncan-223 Jess-Duncan-224 Jess-Duncan-225 Jess-Duncan-226 Jess-Duncan-227 Jess-Duncan-228 Jess-Duncan-229 Jess-Duncan-230 Jess-Duncan-231 Jess-Duncan-232 Jess-Duncan-233 Jess-Duncan-234 Jess-Duncan-235 Jess-Duncan-236 Jess-Duncan-237 Jess-Duncan-238 Jess-Duncan-239 Jess-Duncan-240 Jess-Duncan-241 Jess-Duncan-242 Jess-Duncan-243 Jess-Duncan-244 Jess-Duncan-245 Jess-Duncan-246 Jess-Duncan-247 Jess-Duncan-248 Jess-Duncan-249 Jess-Duncan-250 Jess-Duncan-251 Jess-Duncan-252 Jess-Duncan-253 Jess-Duncan-254 Jess-Duncan-255 Jess-Duncan-256 Jess-Duncan-257 Jess-Duncan-258 Jess-Duncan-259 Jess-Duncan-260 Jess-Duncan-261 Jess-Duncan-262 Jess-Duncan-263 Jess-Duncan-264 Jess-Duncan-265 Jess-Duncan-266 Jess-Duncan-267 Jess-Duncan-268 Jess-Duncan-269 Jess-Duncan-270 Jess-Duncan-271 Jess-Duncan-272Jess-Duncan-273Jess-Duncan-274Jess-Duncan-275Jess-Duncan-276Jess-Duncan-277Jess-Duncan-278Jess-Duncan-279Jess-Duncan-280Jess-Duncan-281Jess-Duncan-282Jess-Duncan-283Jess-Duncan-284Jess-Duncan-285Jess-Duncan-286Jess-Duncan-287Jess-Duncan-288Jess-Duncan-289Jess-Duncan-290Jess-Duncan-291Jess-Duncan-292Jess-Duncan-293Jess-Duncan-294Jess-Duncan-295Jess-Duncan-296Jess-Duncan-297Jess-Duncan-298Jess-Duncan-299Jess-Duncan-300Jess-Duncan-301Jess-Duncan-302Jess-Duncan-303Jess-Duncan-304Jess-Duncan-305Jess-Duncan-306Jess-Duncan-307Jess-Duncan-308Jess-Duncan-309Jess-Duncan-310Jess-Duncan-311Jess-Duncan-312Jess-Duncan-313Jess-Duncan-314Jess-Duncan-315Jess-Duncan-316Jess-Duncan-317Jess-Duncan-318Jess-Duncan-319Jess-Duncan-320Jess-Duncan-321Jess-Duncan-322Jess-Duncan-323Jess-Duncan-324Jess-Duncan-325Jess-Duncan-326Jess-Duncan-327Jess-Duncan-328Jess-Duncan-329Jess-Duncan-330Jess-Duncan-331Jess-Duncan-332Jess-Duncan-333Jess-Duncan-334Jess-Duncan-335Jess-Duncan-336Jess-Duncan-337Jess-Duncan-338Jess-Duncan-339Jess-Duncan-340Jess-Duncan-341Jess-Duncan-342Jess-Duncan-343Jess-Duncan-344Jess-Duncan-345Jess-Duncan-346Jess-Duncan-347Jess-Duncan-348Jess-Duncan-349Jess-Duncan-350Jess-Duncan-351Jess-Duncan-352

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  1. Mputu Dikobe says:

    Wow, wow, wow… what a wonderful occasion! The pictures say it all and make one feels as part of the event. It is beautiful. Congratulations Duncan and Jessica.

    Best wishes,


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