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Jeanine and Elhein are two of the most genuine and awesome people we have met and have the biggest hearts, inviting us to share all their day before shenanigans for Jeanine’s birthday which really made us feel even more a part of something so special. We were so stoked that two amazing creatives who work in the UK film industry chose us to shoot their wedding, also the fact Elhein works on Dr. Who is ridiculously cool. They had a small intimate wedding with their closest people, and then had the biggest and most awesome celebration that same evening for all the people they love at Neo Venue in Wellington. Jeanine and Elhein, we have so much love for you two amazing people and we have no doubt you are going to continue kicking ass and adventuring!

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  • Festival wedding vibes! Kel and Rich’s deep music festival love is something that we could totally relate to! Not only did they get engaged at Glastonbury (could there be a cooler engagement spot?!), but they channeled that into their wedding making it unique and exactly about them! This epic set up at the lookout point was even made by their family, just to add that extra special awesome 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  • Monday mornings are definitely for snugglings in this colder weather!
  • Is there anything better than that just married glow-grin?
  • Just a casual like stroll down the road with your besties all dressed in your finest... totally normal.
  • At this moment, it’s like no one else in the world exists 🔥
  • Now Booking Summer 2020 in London, the UK and Europe. We document the stories of the passionate, and the lovers of life, adventure and everything in between!
  • Cuz really, why wouldn’t you have pockets in your wedding dress?!
  • Kel, the moon, and everyone that matters.
  • Kel and Rich. At a loss for words on how to sum up these amazing humans and their absolutely beyond epic wedding 🔥
  • So in case you’re wondering, if you ever chat to us on social media, it’s me (Szerdi) you’re chatting to. The irony of it being the more awkward and shy of the two of us running our social media isn’t lost on me 😂
So this is us! We’ve been in this life thing together for 14 years now, and it’s taken us on some pretty wild and unexpected rides so far!
We are currently in Carcassonne which for me is absolute heaven as I have always been fascinated with Cathar history, which I am going to blame on my History degree and overall history nerdness. Andy is luckily my very willing travel buddy whose an absolute sucker for some cool old architecture and religious iconography which make us the perfect combo! What weird but complementary traits do you have with your person that make the two of you just perfect for each other?
  • Laughing is pretty weird if you think about it, it’s your whole face and body exploding with happiness ☺️
  • Nothing quite like two mamas making sure that wedding dress is just perfect 😍

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  • This weekend exceeded all expectations! 🙌 Sooo many good bands, the friendliest people, and delicious veggie food. The mud and rain even made it a proper English festival experience 🌧 This was our first @downloadfest and we WILL be back! Thank you @the_szerd for enjoying the same noisy music as me and always being my band buddy 😘
  • This summer in Europe has been epic for bands so far! Another one from our “must-see” band list. Alice in Chains 🔥 Definite highlights were this song, Them Bones, and Nutshell, which Jerry Cantrell dedicated to Layne Stayley. Totes emosch 😥 @aliceinchains
  • I played bass for a long time and this man was my bass crush 😍 #justinchancellor was worth every second of the 20 year wait to watch this man play 🙌 ... and I got his plectrum ! That’s getting framed.
  • Tool 🙌 I waited 20 years to see this band and it finally happened last night in Berlin, of all places. They were a massive influence on my own band and were actually one of the reasons @the_szerd and I started dating over 15 years ago. I even played in a Tool tribute band back in the day. Excellent times!
  • People watching from the shade.
  • Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town, Zanzibar. This place reminds us so much of the old part of Jeddah with the African/Arab cross culture and architecture.
  • It may be “sun’s out, guns out”, but it’s “balls out” at sunset when the heat finally let’s up.
  • Excellent vibe on what’s left of the beach at high tide.
  • Ocean and people watching from a shadey spot. The guy on the right, dressed in tradition Masai garb, is David. We had along chat about tattoos before he sold me a bracelet.
  • Dear god it’s hot. But also quite nice.
  • Hello Zanzibar 🤗 Can’t wait to get in that water!
  • We’re a hazard when we’re walking the streets cus we’re always looking up and bumping into people. Obsessed with the beautiful Dutch architecture!

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