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When we met Gabi and Rudi for their couple shoot in Maboneng, and they mentioned they were getting married on her family’s farm, and we imagined a normal, low key, rustic farm wedding. When we arrived at her family farm in the Karkloof, we were blown away by what a magical setting it was! They got married on the deck of her parent’s house overlooking the beautiful dam with the most magical winter light, and they ferried their guests across to the reception which was on the other side of the dam in a purpose built ferry. By the time the full moon rose, it looked like a magical scene from a movie. Gabi and Rudi thank you for letting us be a part of your magical day and for giving us the chance to show your deep and intellectual love.

Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-001 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-002 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-005Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-003Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-006 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-007 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-008 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-010 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-011 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-013 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-014 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-015 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-018 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-019 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-020 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-021 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-022 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-024 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-026 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-027 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-029 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-030 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-031 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-032 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-034 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-035 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-036 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-037 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-038 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-040 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-041 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-042 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-043 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-044 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-045 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-046 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-047 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-048 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-049 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-051 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-052 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-053 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-054 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-055 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-057 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-058 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-059 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-062 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-063 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-064 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-065 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-066 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-067 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-068 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-069 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-071 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-073 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-075 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-078 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-079 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-080 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-082 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-083 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-084 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-086 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-088 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-089 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-090 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-091 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-093 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-094 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-095 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-097 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-099 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-100 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-103 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-104 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-105 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-106 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-107 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-109 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-110 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-113 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-114 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-115 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-116 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-117 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-118 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-120 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-121 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-122 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-123 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-124 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-126 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-127 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-131 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-132 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-133 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-134 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-136 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-138 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-141 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-142 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-143 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-144 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-145 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-146 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-147 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-148 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-149 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-151 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-152 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-154 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-155 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-156 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-157 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-159 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-160 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-161 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-162 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-165 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-164Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-166 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-170Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-171Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-172Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-173Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-174Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-175Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-169Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-176 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-177 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-178 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-180 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-181 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-184 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-185 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-187 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-189 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-190 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-191 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-192 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-193 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-195 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-199 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-200 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-202 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-203 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-205 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-206 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-207Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-208 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-209 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-210 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-211 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-213 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-214 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-215 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-216 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-219 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-220 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-221 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-222 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-223 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-225 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-226 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-227 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-228 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-229 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-230 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-232 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-233 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-234 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-235 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-236 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-238 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-240 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-241 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-244 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-245 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-246 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-248 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-249 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-250 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-252 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-253 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-256 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-257 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-258 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-259 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-260 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-261 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-262 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-263 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-264 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-265 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-266 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-267 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-268 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-271 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-272 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-273 Gabi-Rudi_FarmWedding-274

One thought on “Gabi and Rudi”

  1. Pat Bronner says:

    hello, how absolutely wonderful to re-live the wonderful wedding through this series of photographs. All the moments before the wedding, beside the waterfall and after at the reception were captured so beautifully. Indeed magical. Best of all is that the love Gabi and Rudi have for one another shines throughout..long may it continue.

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