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Domenique and Tyrone – adventurers and animal lovers, two of things closest to our own hearts, which in turn brought these two very close to our hearts as well. Dom and Ty got married at Bellwood in their magical forest.Dom was an absolute Autumn goddess draped in flowers by the insanely talented Carolyn from Adore. They had their hearts set on a forest wedding surrounded by giant trees and the smell of pine needles, but the weather forecast was for rain, rain and a bit more rain. I honestly have no idea who these guys bribed or what spells they cast, but the rain held out the entire day till late at night when the heavens opened and it rained, hard. Dom and Ty have an incredibly deep love, one that saw Dom moving half way around the world to Australia and then Hong Kong to be with Ty – and one that gave us one of the most emotionally intense first looks we have ever had the honour to witness. The way Ty looks at Dom, and the way that when they are together rest of the world seems to dissipate around them, is such a testament to the amazing life they are going to have together.

2 thoughts on “Dom and Tyrone”

  1. Annelies Van de Walle says:

    Dear, we would like to take our engagement pictures for on the wedding invitation. We will be in Namibia from July 17th to August 10th. Are you close to Rundu? we’ll be there the whole last week.

    1. Andy says:

      Hi Annelies. We are not unfortunately based in Namibia and only fly in for weddings. Good luck!

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