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Street Life in Havana

Havana, Cuba

Street Art and Salsa

Havana, Cuba

Sziget Festival

Sziget Island, Budapest


Kaapshehoop, Nelspruit

The 90 000 Buddhas of Mrauk U

Mrauk U, Myanmar

A Pagoda Festival in Mandalay

Mandalay, Myanmar

The Chin Villages of Myanmar

Mrauk U, Myanmar

Hot Air Ballooning over Bagan

When we decided to go to Myanmar and particularly Bagan, we knew that the one

Market Day in Nyaung U

Nyaung U, Bagan

New Orleans I

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans II

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans III

New Orleans, USA

London II

London, UK

Bournemouth and Christchurch

Bournemouth, UK


Bath has been somewhere I have wanted to go since the time I first discovered


When we had the opportunity to go over to London to shoot Chris and Thea’s

Peru – Cusco back to Santa Cruz

Cusco was our last stop in Peru and we left it til last so that

Peru – Macchu Picchu

When we first decided  South America was our next destination, the first thing we decided

Peru – The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley was our first port of call in Peru. From the research we

Bolivia to Peru

After de-stressing in La Paz for a couple of days we decided to cross over

Bolivia – La Paz

La Paz was meant to be just a stopover on our way up to Peru,

Bolivia – The Salt Flats

We were woken and bundled into our car by 4.30 am and the reason for

Bolivia – The Salar

Day 3 of our desert trip dawned with Andy thankfully feeling a bit more human,

Bolivia – Tupiza to Lagunas

Andy: This day started with a hangover. The previous night I was excited to be

Bolivia – Sucre and Potosi

South America is the continent neither Andy or I have been to. We want to

Our first wedding anniversary

back to where it all happened in Mozambique

Ethiopian – Addis Ababa

Ethiopia has always been at the top of our long list of countries to visit,

Ethiopia – The Island Monasteries

The chaos of Addis behind us, and we headed north west, where things got rural

Ethiopia – Simien Mountains

We left for the Simien Mountains the next morning not really knowing what to expect.

Ethiopia – Gonder

Part 2 of our Ethiopian adventure covers our trip through the city of Gonder and

Ethiopia – Axum

Leaving behind the amazing Gelada baboons we set off for the ancient and mysterious town

Ethiopia – Mekele

The next morning we left on the first part of our trip to Lalibela which

Ethiopia – Lalibela

After hours of driving on the main tar road from Mekele we stopped at an

Lalibela – Orthodox Christmas

On the Ethiopian Christmas eve we made our way in the pitch black of night

Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

We have been to Saudi twice in the last four years which has been an

Saudi Arabia – Farasan Island

These pics are all from our most recent trip in 2012 when we got the


All the pictures taken on this trip were with a Canon 30D and standard kit

Nepal – Chitwan Jungle

From Pokhara we went into the jungle of Chitwan where we stayed on an island

Nepal – Pokhara

After a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere on the way to the airport,

Nepal – Patan and Bhaktapur

From Kathmandu we began our travels into the mountains. On our way into the Himalayas

Nepal – Kathmandu II

From Swayumnunath we headed into the city to Durbar Square and to Boudnath, the world’s

Saudi Arabia – Red Sea

Jeddah is on the West Coast of Saudi and is across the Red Sea from

Saudi Arabia – Wahba Crater

When most people picture the Middle East they picture barren desert and there is a

Nepal – Kathmandu

Nepal was Andy and my second overseas trip together and we love the idea of

Mozambique – Ponta Torres

*disclaimer* lots of ‘holiday’ style pics follow and less documentary travel photos…. Here are some

Lesotho – Snow Birthday

I’ve always wanted to drive up Sani Pass into Lesotho. Even before we got ‘Wimpy

Berg & Bush

Andy & Szerdi on Instagram

  • Attempting a bit of the old get to know us vibe. I'm Szerdi, I lend my name to half our business... If you ever email us or chat on social media, its me you're talking to. I do all our editing, and because I love bright, vibrant and alive colours, and I believe life is overflowing with colour, our pictures tend to look this way too. I am a massive animal lover - I cant pass an animal without stopping to say hello and attempting to stroke or cuddle them - its also probably why I haven't eaten any in over 15 years. I am a Ravenclaw and massive bibliophile, and have a Master's degree in gender in Latin Epic Literature - I can read and write both Latin and Ancient Greek.  I have represented my country twice at the Roller Derby World Cup which was not something I ever expected to do, but am pretty damn proud I did. I now dabble in the cult of Crossfit and am trying to get back into the good, daily yoga practice I had a while ago before I fell off the yoga wagon.  Music has always been a  massive and integral part of my life - what I lack in musical ability I make up in enthusiasm  for listening to bands I love and trying to see as many of them in real life as possible. I get super excited about travelling, eating yummy food, visiting old churches, watching cute animal videos on YouTube, getting to see as much art as possible and getting excited about being in nature and constantly shouting to Andy "oh my god look at that" wherever we are driving and I see something cool, which is pretty much every five minutes...
  • Hilton looking all James Bond. It shouldn’t always be just about the bride. Two people get married, and they both deserve to be documented.
  • Jess and Hilton spent the whole of yesterday with the biggest grins on their faces. And that gave us the biggest grins on ours ☺️
  • A beautiful intensity. 
Jess and Hilton.
  • Yesterday it was supposed to rain, hard. Instead we got one of the most spectacular sunsets we have seen in a long time 🔥
  • We are pretty big fans of the small couple big landscape vibe. It’s a great way to capture the sense of the place you choose to get married in and gives you pretty much the one chance you have on the day for a one on one catch up ☺️
  • While I’m at it, here is the scarcely seen groom portrait. The lesser known wedding portrait, it often hides in the shadows while the bride’s take presidence.
  • Weddings are super overwhelming and there are a million things to think about and want. But what you *really* want, is this look right here. It’s pretty much all that matters. Marry someone that looks at you like you are the tastiest looking pizza in the world. Donna and Darren’s beautiful love is up on our blog.
  • We found Miss Bowie living in the bins at our old flat when she was about 4 weeks old. We caught her and put an ad up to find her a furever home. That was 9 years ago...
  • We freaking love a good party 🔥
  • I’m going to be honest here. I hate algorithms, and the social media need to post amazingly curated and perfect content every day with some perfectly copied quote from some book or song. The whole things just seems so damn contrived and forced. Since we started this business many moons ago I’ve always favored the more intuitive way to post and share - when I feel it and when a picture or moment speaks to me. This may not have resulted in a million followers, but honestly who cares? We don’t do this for the followers. We do it for when Kaylees mom and sister look at each other like this while getting her into her wedding dress 💜 so you will see the next post from us when we feel it. Maybe 3 times today, maybe nothing for the rest of the week. But when it happens it’s because I just had to share a moment that spoke to my heart. Rant done. As you were...
  • That just married magic!

We Choose Adventure on Instagram

  • We had the whole place to ourselves. Just us and Mona. Quality quiet time together.
  • Nike of Samothrace. #justdoit
  • Arrogant Marsyas challenged Apollo to a musical contest. When he lost he was tied to a tree and skinned alive 😳
  • Venus de Milo. A 2000 year old beauty 😍
  • The escalators work hard at the Louvre.
  • View from inside the glass pyramid.
  • This is about to happen. Feeling like Bobby Langdon 🕵️‍♂️
  • We're on top of the world! We are now officially FULLY BOOKED from now till July 2018! We still have some dates open from July to December 2018 so if you want us to document your wedding adventure, get hold of us asaptually! Pop us a message let's get planning! @andyandszerdi
  • Room with a view @stayokayutrecht . Epic start to our month long Euro trip 😊
  • Sossusvlei, Namibia. It's so dry your sweat crystallises as it leaves your pores. It is a desert after all. What a beautifully surreal and relentlessly harsh landscape.
  • Exploring the world's smallest desert. The red dunes only span about 200m and are surrounded by lush vegetation and wetlands.
  • Those gigantic eyes 😍

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