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Ash and Jodie are getting married at the end 0f the year, and we met up with them a little while ago to get  a few pics of them pre wedding, and just for the four of us to get to know each other a bit. The day we scheduled with them ended up being a very wet one, and even though it was bloody freezing, and rained most of the time we hung out with them, they were super open to us taking them around to some cool spots in our hood. Their love, chemistry,  and intense connection is so evident in the photos,  it felt like we were witnessing something really powerful. Guys, thank you so much for getting soaking wet and windswept with us, it was epic!

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  • First dance cuddles. I’m always such a softy for a good first dance! Whether that be something beautifully choreographed (if that’s your vibe), or a simple side to side shuffle. It’s the time in the night when any formalities are done, and the settling in to just enjoy the  rest of the evening has begun ☺️
  • Goosebumps and loving caresses.
  • We’ve never been big fans of set up photos where a couple stands for ages while some off camera flash is set up to get some backlight... we like to keep things more natural and moving. But this happened at the end of Kate and Brett’s couple shoot as I was driving our car up to take them back to their reception. Our car lights illuminated Kate and the slowly dripping rain, and Andy made some magic with it.
  • People always say rain on your wedding day is good luck... but bucketing rain and then a break, to grab some pics? Even more lucky 🙌🏽
  • Kate, ethereal forest nymph.
  • Rain yesterday? What rain?! Kate and Brett were fire 🔥

So amazing working with the talented babes from @Nixon makeup. @james_peters_film at one of our faves @crystalbarncountryestate with Kate in a stunning @chanellecindy_bridal dress (SO many more pics of the dress to come 😍)
  • These two couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other the entire day. Their love was such a joy to witness and recharged my wedding stoke in a massive way!
  • Kerry and Shane’s music video is up on our Vimeo page. Go check it out x
  • Weddings bring out all the powerful emotions. Of those we love, and of those we miss.
  • Bright light and big beach cuddles 💜
  • As much as I love a good, set up arty shot, sometimes those in between moments are everything 💜
  • It rained most of the day for Mari and Seb’s wedding, but just before sunset, we got this magic 🔥

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  • People watching from the shade.
  • Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town, Zanzibar. This place reminds us so much of the old part of Jeddah with the African/Arab cross culture and architecture.
  • It may be “sun’s out, guns out”, but it’s “balls out” at sunset when the heat finally let’s up.
  • Excellent vibe on what’s left of the beach at high tide.
  • Ocean and people watching from a shadey spot. The guy on the right, dressed in tradition Masai garb, is David. We had along chat about tattoos before he sold me a bracelet.
  • Dear god it’s hot. But also quite nice.
  • Hello Zanzibar 🤗 Can’t wait to get in that water!
  • We’re a hazard when we’re walking the streets cus we’re always looking up and bumping into people. Obsessed with the beautiful Dutch architecture!
  • If you really want to blow your mind in Amsterdam, try walking round an art gallery after visiting a “coffeeshop”. 🤯
  • Yesterday it was sunny, but the overcast sky and light drizzle suit this place way more. #wechooseadventure_scotland #wechooseadventure
  • Exploring Edinburgh at night. In this place, if it’s not raining, it’s about to rain. #wechooseadventure #wechooseadventure_scotland
  • Made a special mission to see these guys in Glasgow last night. Absolutely epic! @coheed

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