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Our 2014 faves I

2014 was an amazing year for us both professionally and personally. We  were so privileged to shoot the weddings we did, meet the amazing couples and their families and friends that we did AND we got to travel to some pretty cool places while doing it all. The “getting ready” part of the wedding day experience is always such a fun one to share with our couples. Andy goes and hangs out with the guys and I hang out with the girls and we both get to be a part of the exciting to build up to marrying your best friend! The ceremony part of the wedding is the one that still often makes my nose tickle and my eyes water. Witnessing two people commit their love to each other in front of all those that they love is probably one of the best parts of what we do. Often Andy and I will make eye contact across the ceremony in a quiet moment and in that instant we get a moment to remember our own wedding and all the awesome things about being each other’s person.  Here are a few of our fave “getting ready”  and ceremony photos and favourite moments from 2014.

Lauren-Scott-Wedding-128Mariane-Jono-31Lauren-Scott-Wedding-112 Kelly-Alan-52 Kelly-Alan-31Kelly-Alan-62 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-98 - CopyKelly-Alan-63 Kelly-Alan-73Lauren-Scott-Wedding-162Lynn-Thys-48Rebecca-Guy-100Kelly-Alan-101Kelly-Alan-78 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-214Kelly-Alan-83 Kelly-Alan-85 Rebecca-Guy-40Lynn-Thys-45Lauren-Scott-Wedding-117 - CopyLynn-Thys-34Kelly-Alan-91Rebecca-Guy-110 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-204Kelly-Alan-102 Kelly-Alan-111Kelly-Alan-119Lauren-Scott-Wedding-228Rebecca-Guy-70 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-223Lynn-Thys-71Lauren-Scott-Wedding-229 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-232 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-247 Lauren-Scott-Wedding-255 Rebecca-Guy-87 Lynn-Thys-73 Rebecca-Guy-121Storm-Steve-184Lynn-Thys-77Mariane-Jono-72 Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-59Rebecca-Guy-892GettingReady-62Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-72Rebecca-Guy-109Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-171Jo-Matt-184Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-123 Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-125 Storm-Steve-115Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-185Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-180TraditionalWedding-10TraditionalWedding-151GettingReady-16 1GettingReady-17 1GettingReady-28 1GettingReady-55 1GettingReady-801GettingReady-102 1GettingReady-114 1GettingReady-1231GettingReady-117 1GettingReady-122

We always do a scout together to find locations for portrait and couple pics which often means we get cool pics of ourselves in the same locations we shoot our couples :)

1GettingReady-153 1GettingReady-158 1GettingReady-161 2GettingReady-14Candice-Steve-123 2GettingReady-402GettingReady-502GettingReady-93 2GettingReady-1112GettingReady-118Chris-Thea-93 Candice-Steve-2642GettingReady-124Candice-Steve-2132GettingReady-1302GettingReady-139Candice-Steve-2762GettingReady-143Chris-Thea-2312GettingReady-146Chris-Thea-195Candice-Steve-2902GettingReady-157 Chris-Thea-2662GettingReady-164Chris-Thea-116Jeff-Kerryn-177Chris-Thea-201 Jeff-Kerryn-151Chris-Thea-244Chris-Thea-282 Chris-Thea-284Jeff-Kerryn-182Chris-Thea-296 Jeff-Kerryn-212Jeff-Kerryn-184Jeff-Kerryn-2171GettingReady-89Chris-Thea-316 Chris-Thea-325 Chris-Thea-328 Jeff-Kerryn-125Jeff-Kerryn-264 Jeff-Kerryn-283Jeff-Kerryn-226Jeff-Kerryn-306Jeff-Kerryn-322 Jeff-Kerryn-324Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-48Chris-Thea-352Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-32 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-63 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-74Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-70Chris-Thea-309 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-72Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-102 Jo-Matt-118Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-104 Jo-Matt-152Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-114 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-118Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-119 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-122 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-139 Jo-Matt-161Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-145 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-152Jo-Matt-55Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-168Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-177Jo-Matt-68Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-184 Jo-Matt-89Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-198 Jeff-Kerryn-Joburg-LowRes-178Jo-Matt-125 Jo-Matt-193 Jo-Matt-205 Jo-Matt-220 TraditionalWedding-68Mariane-Jono-76Storm-Steve-235Jeff-Kerryn-373TraditionalWedding-102Lauren-Scott-Wedding-348Storm-Steve-228Candice-Steve-320TraditionalWedding-155Rebecca-Guy-142Chris-Thea-371Jeff-Kerryn-399Jo-Matt-277Jo-Matt-252TraditionalWedding-180Rebecca-Guy-139Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-286Kelly-Alan-139Jo-Matt-272Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-292Chris-Thea-398Jeff-Kerryn-434TraditionalWedding-422Lauren-Scott-Wedding-371Kelly-Alan-151Jeff-Kerryn-4462Ceremony-56Jo-Matt-373Mariane-Jono-86Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-3002Ceremony-463Ceremony-44Jeff-Kerryn-420Jo-Matt-327Jo-Matt-288Jo-Matt-296Kelly-Alan-148Lauren-Scott-Wedding-396TraditionalWedding-407Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-344TraditionalWedding-245Lauren-Scott-Wedding-415Mariane-Jono-93Kelly-Alan-165Lynn-Thys-1032Ceremony-1612Ceremony-513Ceremony-582Ceremony-64Candice-Steve-370Rebecca-Guy-158Kelly-Alan-141Candice-Steve-383Mariane-Jono-97Silindo-Siyalo-Netherwood-Low-334Storm-Steve-293Jeff-Kerryn-4553Ceremony-83Rebecca-Guy-170Lynn-Thys-106 Jeff-Kerryn-463Lauren-Scott-Wedding-436Storm-Steve-304TraditionalWedding-2753Ceremony-95Candice-Steve-424 Rebecca-Guy-176Chris-Thea-442Kelly-Alan-176Chris-Thea-446Kelly-Alan-182TraditionalWedding-265Rebecca-Guy-178Chris-Thea-469Lynn-Thys-117Chris-Thea-473Kelly-Alan-180Chris-Thea-477Chris-Thea-479Kelly-Alan-183Jeff-Kerryn-521


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Andy & Szerdi on Instagram

  • Post ceremony hangouts.
  • From that insane backlight, you would never guess it bucketed down until 5 minutes before Kerry and Shane’s ceremony.
  • Kerry and Shane. Just a classic portrait. What you can’t see are the swarms of ants crawling up their feet and the tons of flies buzzing around their heads. Unexpected stories are the most fun, and the ones you always remember.
  • Some just married goodness 🔥
  • This love is 🔥
  • On Tuesday we got to witness Elaine and George say their “hell yeahs” to each other in the most magical stone cathedral in the Highlands outside of Sydney.
  • After 3 weeks of pretty much being camera free, we decided to get our eye back into it so we set ourselves a little challenge : weird portraits of each other shot only with our iPhones, in hard light with the crowds at the Sydney opera house and edited only with our phones. And it was so damn fun!
  • Have these two faces: A - just woken from a nap. B - just smoked a fatty. C - just had a massage on the beach. This is probably the quietest we’ve  been on IG since we joined it many moons ago. I fluctuate between feeling like our business is going to fall apart without giving it my constant attention, and relishing in being disconnected for a bit... All I know is we needed the rest 🙌🏽
  • When that first kiss literally sweeps you off your feet 💜
  • About 5 minutes into Carli and Karel’s ceremony it started raining pretty hard, but it cleared up just in time for the official being married bits 🙌🏽
  • Rosie and Deane, being all sexy and in love. Also, I am still beyond in love with her @sadiebosworthatelier dress 😱
  • Carli and Karel and some cool ass glass building lines ☺️

We Choose Adventure on Instagram

  • People watching from the shade.
  • Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town, Zanzibar. This place reminds us so much of the old part of Jeddah with the African/Arab cross culture and architecture.
  • It may be “sun’s out, guns out”, but it’s “balls out” at sunset when the heat finally let’s up.
  • Excellent vibe on what’s left of the beach at high tide.
  • Ocean and people watching from a shadey spot. The guy on the right, dressed in tradition Masai garb, is David. We had along chat about tattoos before he sold me a bracelet.
  • Dear god it’s hot. But also quite nice.
  • Hello Zanzibar 🤗 Can’t wait to get in that water!
  • We’re a hazard when we’re walking the streets cus we’re always looking up and bumping into people. Obsessed with the beautiful Dutch architecture!
  • If you really want to blow your mind in Amsterdam, try walking round an art gallery after visiting a “coffeeshop”. 🤯
  • Yesterday it was sunny, but the overcast sky and light drizzle suit this place way more. #wechooseadventure_scotland #wechooseadventure
  • Exploring Edinburgh at night. In this place, if it’s not raining, it’s about to rain. #wechooseadventure #wechooseadventure_scotland
  • Made a special mission to see these guys in Glasgow last night. Absolutely epic! @coheed

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