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We love the shit out of weddings!

We are Andy and Szerdi (previously Knot Just Pics). Destination wedding photographers, adventurers & story-tellers based in London, UK and Durban, South Africa. We love the shit out of weddings and getting the chance to share these amazing adventures with people. Letting people in to share something as intimate and personal as a marriage is a really big deal and it makes us really stoked that people trust us enough to make their memories.

We love how no two weddings are the same and, through really getting to know our couples, we try to ensure that the way we document them is a true reflection of who they are. This for us is hands down the most important part of what we do. We are documentary story-tellers with a Fine Art background and we love to find the balance between catching all the beautifully emotive, unposed, and fleeting moments of your day, while at the same time creating some beautiful timeless art with a more considered side. We freaking love love!… Read more about Andy & Szerdi

Elaine and George

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, New South Wales

Sarah and Oliver

Pat Busch Mountain Reserve, Robertson

Tulsi and Dan

Nungwi, Zanzibar

Lisa and Gareth

Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town

Dee and Emile

Netherwood Farm, Nottingham Road

Rosemary and Deane

Durban, South Africa

Elaine and Stephen

Hotel du Vin, Glasgow

Nadine and SP

Swakopmund, Namibia

Francis and Gareth

Dalston, London

Candi and Scherren

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Matri and Nick

Durban City

Kaylee and Scott

Ktima Lindos, Rhodes Island

Andy & Szerdi on Instagram

  • These two couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other the entire day. Their love was such a joy to witness and recharged my wedding stoke in a massive way!
  • Kerry and Shane’s music video is up on our Vimeo page. Go check it out x
  • Weddings bring out all the powerful emotions. Of those we love, and of those we miss.
  • Bright light and big beach cuddles 💜
  • As much as I love a good, set up arty shot, sometimes those in between moments are everything 💜
  • It rained most of the day for Mari and Seb’s wedding, but just before sunset, we got this magic 🔥
  • When your love leaks out your faces, it looks something like this! Wedding stoke is a real, and beautiful thing 😍
  • Mari and Seb and some sneaky pre wedding trailer kisses ☺️
  • Jenna, Laura on hair and some flower girls looking on. When load shedding leads to some dramatic side light that makes any scene look like a painting ☺️ this is one of the reasons I love shooting with a 35mm for getting ready pics, as you manage to get so many candid moments in one frame.
  • From your perspective. I love it when Andy’s able to grab a shot from the perspective of the couple - as this is how they see and will remember their ceremony ☺️
  • Choose Adventure Workshop - How to shoot weddings that help you travel and see the world.

Getting to document weddings has to be one of the most awesome and fulfilling jobs out there! 
Getting to do this while travelling is a kind of next level awesome that we are beyond stoked to do! 
We have spent the last few years growing our business in such a way that we are able to travel for work, and see the world at the same time.

This workshop is for photographers who want to expand their business in a new and exciting way. Be that simply shooting in a new city every once in a while or going bigger and working towards a more location independent lifestyle.

This is a no frills workshop where we just share what we know.
While you may not leave with a gift bag and included lunch, you will leave with lots of resources to grow your business in the exciting ways you want to.
We are keeping these workshops small so we can have plenty of one-on-one time, answer every question you might have, and to create a community of like-minded photographers to share, learn and grow together.

This workshop will cover:
- how we went from shooting 1 destination wedding in 2014 to 14 a year by 2018
- how we actively targeted and grew this side of our business
- our strategies, marketing and planning
- how we price international weddings
- how to set yourself apart in an industry with literally 1000s of other photographers who also want to do the same thing as you
- what gear we travel with
- how we travel easily and cheaply (including finding cheap flights and travelling with only carry-on luggage only)
- how we backup and edit while being on the road for long periods of time 
Early bird prices  for the one-day workshop is R2000.
Durban: 15 July  21 July (Sunday)
Johannesburg: 8 August
Cape Town: 25 September 
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then please PM us or send an email to
  • This one, this one right here is my favourite! I have so much gratitude that I get to spend my life with someone who gets me so completely, believes in me so whole heartedly, and pushes both of us to live the life we both want so completely. In some weird way, he’s one of the reasons I love weddings so much - as I get to witness other people starting their lives with their person, and I know what an awesome adventure awaits them!

We Choose Adventure on Instagram

  • People watching from the shade.
  • Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town, Zanzibar. This place reminds us so much of the old part of Jeddah with the African/Arab cross culture and architecture.
  • It may be “sun’s out, guns out”, but it’s “balls out” at sunset when the heat finally let’s up.
  • Excellent vibe on what’s left of the beach at high tide.
  • Ocean and people watching from a shadey spot. The guy on the right, dressed in tradition Masai garb, is David. We had along chat about tattoos before he sold me a bracelet.
  • Dear god it’s hot. But also quite nice.
  • Hello Zanzibar 🤗 Can’t wait to get in that water!
  • We’re a hazard when we’re walking the streets cus we’re always looking up and bumping into people. Obsessed with the beautiful Dutch architecture!
  • If you really want to blow your mind in Amsterdam, try walking round an art gallery after visiting a “coffeeshop”. 🤯
  • Yesterday it was sunny, but the overcast sky and light drizzle suit this place way more. #wechooseadventure_scotland #wechooseadventure
  • Exploring Edinburgh at night. In this place, if it’s not raining, it’s about to rain. #wechooseadventure #wechooseadventure_scotland
  • Made a special mission to see these guys in Glasgow last night. Absolutely epic! @coheed

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